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Introducing Rioting Apes

They are a dangerous tribe who abandoned their homeland on one mission: To incite the biggest RIOT the Cardano world has ever seen

Are you ready to riot?

Riot Pass

Only 500 Will Ever Exist

An exclusive membership pass built for holders to own the legacy of Apeing Riot Club

Red Skull Ape

- Riot Pass holders will receive a 1:1 airdrop of the limited Raging Apez collection. They were abandoned when their brothers took foot on their mission, and have made their way to CNFT with vengeance…

- Automatic whitelist to every future ARC drop

- Free NFTs and Whitelist spots from other Ape worthy projects

- Exclusive Legacy role in Discord and access to Legacy Chat just for the vibes, along with some surprises here and there

- Physical rewards and surprises to be announced soon. We would say you want to hold on to those passes for the future


Team member Master Ape

Master Ape

- clan leader -

Team member Don Don

Don Don

Project Manager
- certified ape -

Team member Flashy


Lead Designer
- full-time rioter -

Team member - Cyberpickle


Lead Devs